Paul Endres Jr, Hail Ocampo, 2014

We are so pleased to be able to feature Endres’ work in our virtual exhibition Street Stories, opening today at Brassworks Gallery. Click link to see the show:

Endres has imagined a mega-narrative about the end of the world. He says “All of my paintings take place after the materialization and collapse of history known as The Burden. Those who were not immediately crushed under the debris falling from the sky, or lost to the subsequent plagues and riots, were forced to survive in the ruins of the world.”

This painting is a scene from the narrative that takes place after the Cephalophoric War in New Boston, “which saw warring factions fight to gain possession of the Tyrant King Ocampo’s head.” Endres gives us a portrait of a street-level resistance fighter with Ocampo signage and destruction in the background.

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