Mark Seidenfeld, When The Devil Comes Collecting, 2020

For the first time ever we are featuring a photograph here at Narrative Painting! Seidenfeld has numerous works in our Street Stories exhibition, a show of narrative art opening tomorrow at Brassworks Gallery. Sign up for the show preview here:

In this story the woman has sold her soul to the devil in exchange for beauty, status, and wealth. Seidenfeld explains that “Mr. Karma, or the Devil, will always come around for his piece of the bargain. It is the one agreement that cannot be broken.

“As the woman who wanted everything reaches for escape, a hand reaches toward her. It is the hand of everyone else who gambled with virtue and lost to the Devil. It is the hand whose touch awakens the full self-awareness of every act that finally brings the Devil to collect. The hand that will soon be her own, reaching out from the other side of the metal bars of regret. And yet, in the distance, Innocence, naked and blindfolded, still roams the streets in awe and wonder. She sees nothing and everything the same. But she never wanders far from her big brother, the Devil.”

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