Carl Dobsky, Birds of Paradise, 2016⁠

It has all the makings of a good party: people laughing and taking selfies around the pool, a Bacchus-type individual eating grapes suspended over his head, half-eaten plates of food, empty wine bottles, a mirror full of lines of blow, and there’s a nip slip front and center. The only problem is that the Hollywood Hills burn all around them. For some this painting is a good example of the cognitive dissonance many of us feel when it comes to climate change; we want to keep carrying on with our current lifestyle and its reliance on fossil fuels, yet we see the writing on the wall.⁠⠀
This painting is currently on display in the exhibition ‘Narrative Painting in Los Angeles’ at @craigkrullgallery in Santa Monica. We wish we could make it to the show!⁠

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