Gerald van Scyoc, Jupiter 1776, 2012

We are excited to exhibit this painting in our show ‘Street Stories,’ opening at Brassworks Gallery on Dec 4th. Sign up for the show preview here:

The artist explains best: “That painting was done in 2010, during the peak of the Tea Party Movement… The painting is about groups of people who are so wound up in their own beliefs and unflagging sense of morality they are unable to see the problems around them; some of which they, themselves, are perpetrating. It’s like setting fire to a building to protest arson. I remember how the Tea Partiers were so keen on the Constitution but wouldn’t allow anyone else freedom of speech to disagree with them. The ironies were too sweet, so I had to paint about it.

“By 2012 I thought they were all over but, of course, they’ve resurfaced in all kinds of new forms: marches against COVID restrictions, election deniers, and even the more extreme side of Black Lives Matter protests. This is an old painting, but people still like it. I think it’s because its message still resonates.”

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