Tanmaya Bingham, Boy Gold, 2018

We are excited to feature this painting in our current exhibition Understanding Ourselves at the Chehalem Cultural Center. Click here to see a virtual version of the show. We’re also thrilled that Bingham is a finalist in the prestigious Bennett Prize this year!

This work comes from Bingham’s series Cosmic Garden; surrealist scenes where the cosmos and the earthly intertwine. Black swirls of ether mix with pink bubbles to pierce the boy through the heart, while he pulls a golden root from the mirrored surface of the reflection pond. A mother duck watches over her young as they frolic in the water. Bingham did not set out to reference a specific children’s story but the mother duck makes us recall familiar fables from our childhood. For Bingham, the boy represents “the evolution of youth, from past to present, amalgamated in one image.”


A special thanks to the Yamhill County Cultural Coalition for its generous support in making this exhibition possible!

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