Ben Askevold, Subliminal Fear, 2017-19

We are excited to exhibit this painting in our show Street Stories, opening at Brassworks Gallery on Dec 4th. Sign up for the show preview here:

‘Subliminal Fear’ is about the subconscious fear we may hold about a romantic partner betraying us. Askevold explains that he has had a reoccurring dream about falling from a skyscraper, and that the fall feels like an eternity. “The symbolism behind being thrown through the window is the paralysis one feels while falling, unable to move as your body breaks the barrier of emotional pain, the pane of glass. The figure faces the viewer because a dream is uncharted territory. He does not know where he will land, and the height to which one is falling from is the subconscious fear of losing someone precious to you forever. The viewer is that loved one, watching as the figure reaches for a sliver of what once was.”

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