Steve Chmilar, The Automator, 2022

Come see this drawing tonight 5-9pm at the Folly exhibition at Figure Ground Art Gallery.

The young artist has been caught slacking off while AI paints his painting for him. The flat ladder symbolizes unsuccessful status seeking and the robotic arm is a folly in itself: a high tech piece of equipment made from wood. Chmilar says “The sandwich to me is from a potentially much deeper thought questioning purpose: ‘What would we rather be doing?’ To me, the idea of wanting to cut time off of an art process is deeply philosophical. ‘To have more time for what?’ I ask. Eating bigger sandwiches?”

Chmilar is fascinated by the inherent faults of the human mind, the common desire to clamor for undeserved status, the culture of ‘Fake it ‘til you make it.’ He states that “contradictions abound; many who likely don’t like the market system work directly to its whim. ‘Go, go, go!’ ‘Good enough’ and ‘quantity over quantity’ are ideas that we often dislike when we are the receivers, but we play directly into when we are the producers.”

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