Melinda Borysevicz, i forestieri (or Diana Returns to the Valley Singing), 2017

In this painting we see the goddess Diana driving a carrozza full of forest dwellers back to the landscape of Vallo di Diano, Italy, where Borysevicz lives. In the background we see a burning field and mountains in the distance. There seem to be no trees anywhere.
Diana is the goddess of the woodland, animals, hunting, and nature, and although the Italian residents swear that their town has nothing to do with Diana, Borysevicz finds too many references to Diana around town to ignore. Forestieri means ‘foreigners’ in Italian; the artist writes that her imagination is “full of images of a forest-dwelling people who occasionally wander into random towns with baskets of mushrooms and chestnuts on their arms– bearers of the secrets of woodland medicine and keepers of centuries of stories.”

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