Leonora Carrington, Quería ser Pájaro (He Wanted to Be a Bird), 1960

Carrington wrote an ecofeminist play in the 1960’s titled ‘Opus Siniestrus: The Story of the Last Egg.’ At a theatrical staging of her play at a @gallerywendinorris pop-up earlier this year in NYC, her paintings were displayed as part of the set, including this one that depicts a man trying to decode an egg, which symbolizes the mysteries of fertility, female sexuality, and the natural world. Carrington’s paintings do not exactly illustrate the scenes in the play per se, but they do compliment the action on stage.

The play is about a time in the future when all the women are dead except for one fat, ugly, 80-year-old woman represented as an egg. Hall W. Rockefeller writes that “The play itself is remarkably prescient, as it depicts a world in which soda in consumed more than milk, the bees are dying, sex robots replace human connection, and a child wails as if he’s lost a leg when his computer is taken from him.”

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