Kristy Gordon, Candyland, 2019

Just like in the board game Candyland, we find saccharine rainbow colours throughout the landscape, although something more ominous and dark is beginning to shadow the land at the forefront. The painting has all the chaos of a Bosch scene; cats lurk throughout, figures fly kites with symbols on them, there’s an explosion beyond the river outside of the city, a figure rides a Loch Ness monster, groups of protestors clash, a baby shoots a Nerf gun while a woman on a rearing horse poises to cut the baby down, and a figure at center screams out at the fall of a comrade. It all ‘feels’ like the year 2020.

Gordon says “I want to capture more of a mood and make it more ambiguous. I’m not trying to capture a specific historical event… There’s a lot of consideration about what each element says, but more of a feeling as opposed to specifics.”

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