Kristen Liu-Wong, Pentheus Was a Disbeliever, 2019

In Greek mythology, Pentheus was the king of Thebes who banned the worship of Dionysus, thinking that Dionysus was just a regular man. Pentheus didn’t realize that Dionysus was the god of the wine harvest, drink, fertility – you know, all the fun stuff. Dionysus wasn’t too happy about the ban so he exacted revenge by making the women of Thebes horny, who then all ran over to the orgy on Mt Cithaeron, including Pentheus’ mom Agave and his aunts. Pentheus had Dionysus locked up in jail, but the chains fell off, the jail doors opened, and Dionysus simply walked out.⁠⠀
Dressed as a woman, Dionysus lured Pentheus out to the woods to spy on the orgy, but once there, Pentheus’ aunt thought he was a wild animal in the bush and killed him. In a frenzy the women then tore off his limbs, Agave ripped off his head, and they all went back to the party seen here. Agave didn’t realize it was her own son until she got home later. Imagine that hangover.⁠

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