Jean-Pierre Roy, Macroherence, 2014⁠

The title is an invented word but we think of the prefix ‘macro’ (def: large-scale, overall) and the suffix ‘herence’ (no definition exists but I would hazard a guess at ‘under the realm of’) and we start to form some ideas as to a narrative. Perhaps this story is about the origin of the world. Roy’s work often portrays giants in the natural landscape but the stories appear to be out of a science fiction movie or from a new fantastical mythology. The scenes have inexplicable fluorescent lights and the figures wear impossible masks. The artist says “For me, the pull of the fantastical has always been the promise of ‘When you enter through these doors, your existential understanding of the nature of things will be questioned.’ It is that promise, and the examination of it, that has been the unifying thread in all of my work.”⁠

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