Jean-Léon Gérôme, Truth Coming Out of Her Well to Whip and Chastise Mankind, 1896

One day Lie says to Truth ‘It’s a lovely day. Let’s go for a walk.’ Truth looks outside and sees that it really is a lovely day, so with some trepidation, Truth sets out with Lie down the lane. It’s an enjoyable walk that comes to a well. Lie tests the well water saying ‘It’s a beautiful temperature. Let’s take a dip.’ Truth tests the water herself and sees that it would be refreshing to go for a dip. With much mistrust for Lie, Truth undresses and takes a plunge. Lie proceeds to steal Truth’s clothes, puts them on and runs off, masquerading as Truth in the world. Truth is furious and runs out naked to find Lie and get her clothes back, but is shamed by mankind for her nakedness and forced to hide in the well. Hence the expression ‘Truth lies at the bottom of a well.’

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