Christopher Remmers, Oracle, 2018

This painting was inspired by the Oracles at Delphi and the 1200 year reign of influence they had over ancient Greek society. Remmers states that the work “was about the transformation that occurs through surrender of self […] In many traditions we’ve found notions of ‘surrender of self’ as a gateway to transcendence. From the Upanishads to Carl Jung, we can find clues that speak of ‘emptying one’s vessel’ (as seen in this painting) or destroying the current self to allow the new self to be born. ‘Know thyself’ is the inscription carved at the entry to the temples at Delphi.”

Remmers adds that “an important and culturally relevant discovery was the recent confirmation that the ‘pnuema’ that arose from beneath the chamber of the Oracles did in fact contain psychedelic compounds. This to me speaks to our current, cultural renewal of psychedelics playing a part in our evolution of consciousness. These compounds have been arguably a crucial component in the mystical transcendent function for a VERY long time and perhaps a necessary tool to truly knowing thyself.”

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