Chris Pothier, The Mafia Lawyer, 2019

Becoming a mafia lawyer is a foolish career choice. Don’t do that.

Come see this painting in the Folly show I’m curating at Figure Ground Art Gallery in Seattle, opening Nov 3rd, 2022.

About the Folly show:

Many a self-help guru will expound the power of positive thinking. Don’t focus on the negatives in life, they say, and you will surely be happier, right? But every life is strewn with failures and mistakes, sometimes foolish ones. Reflecting on our follies helps us learn, grow, and become better people.

The artists in this show envision ideals and the potential pitfalls in life. The characters they have imagined exhibit our stupid flaws and serve as cautionary tales. May we be all the wiser for understanding the narratives woven throughout these works… and may we never become mafia lawyers.

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