Regina Jacobson, Hollywood and Divine, 2018

The artist writes that this painting is “A collision of mythology with the current cultural religion that venerates idealized beauty; divine Venus descends from Mount Olympus to Hollywood where we keep our goddesses today. Powered by Zeus’ lightening, her fantastical ride – a mid-century bumper car- recklessly careens down the Apian Way to victory at the crossroads of Hollywood and Divine. In a parade of one, the starlet waves her prized mannequin’s arm like an Academy Award or the scepter of a reigning beauty queen or perhaps as a prayer to Zeus so He can acknowledge she is still the fairest of them all. But what does it cost her to be worshipped? Has she sold her soul to Mephistopheles at these crossroads? Beauty is power, command, and control, as indicated by her royal cape and heavily studded crown. Not only is the checkered floor her Winners Circle, but like a chessboard it also indicates the choices made in this game of life.”

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