Phil Hale, Flinch Comic cover art, c.2000

This painting was originally made for issue #11 (Apr 2000) of Flinch Comic, a short-lived horror comic published by Vertigo Comics. In the painting we see a middle-aged man clutching a woman/dog hybrid animal (or is it a dog with a mask?). The man’s hair is ruffled and his tie has been loosened. Both he and the animal have lipstick smudged on their faces, indicating that they have been making out after downing a bottle of wine together. The pair seems to be shocked that their illicit love has been suddenly discovered by us viewers. The man curls one leg inward, perhaps to hide his raging boner.


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But, there must be a deeper meaning behind this, right? It’s not like the man just thought “what if I will male a oil painting of a man fucking a dog with a female head”. Maybe it represents how he controls the woman like a dog?

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