Jennifer Campbell, Martha Starbrite, 2018

We are so pleased to be able to feature Campbell’s work in our virtual exhibition Street Stories, up now at Brassworks Gallery. Click here to see the show:

In this painting we see a shoeless woman getting a thwack on the ass with a broom after being chucked out of a back-alley bar in Japan. It’s not her best moment.

On the right we find a self-portrait of the artist in animated discussion with a blond character, whose back is turned to us. The brunette’s nose is bleeding. Perhaps she was the one who got the boot from the bar and is angrily retelling the story to her friend? Of her work, Campbell says that there isn’t one specific narrative: “Comedy and tragedy mingle with satire and nonsense in ambiguous, yet suggestive narratives that call attention to the absurdity of human existence.”

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