Dave Lebow, Satan’s Muse, 2012

We are so pleased to be able to feature Lebow’s work in our virtual exhibition Street Stories, up now at Brassworks Gallery. Click here to see the show: https://www.brassworksgallery.com/december2020

In this painting Satan wreaks havoc in downtown L.A., spurred on by his sexy muses. One could read it as a reference to the havoc artist types can make in their personal lives.

Interestingly, this painting is the second version Lebow painted. Lebow writes “I was just trying to make a visual personification of evil and his muses. It’s probably nothing more than a desire to paint some nudes and my model Mark Snyder, who while being the nicest guy, can look very devilish…I was just off of illustrating for the Dexter TV show Season 6, so my mind was swimming with demons and angels at that time.”


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Wow—It’s me in all my Lebow glory. Dave knows how to bring out the best of the worst of me, for all the world to see.

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