Chris Pothier, After the Fire, A Random Procession Commenced, 2014

We are excited to feature this painting in our upcoming exhibition Understanding Ourselves at the Chehalem Cultural Center. You can listen to Pothier and others discuss their work at the virtual opening on Fri Feb 5th, 2021 at 7pm PST. Click here for event sign up.

This painting comes from Pothier’s Business series, where businessmen and women inhabit surrealist worlds. Here we see a herd of businesspeople walking away from a burned out building; some have casually taken off their ties, indicating that this is the end of the workday. None seem particularly bothered about the blackened husk of the building they are leaving. Pothier states that the image could be “a sign of losing the past, or the end of the industrial economy.” The story is open to interpretation.

A special thanks to the Yamhill County Cultural Coalition for its generous support!

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