Austin Eddy, Persephone in Spring, 2019⁠

Eddy is one of us painters here in Portland. He was recently featured in Pothier’s @pothier_artist new side project @thelivesoftheartists where Pothier interviews artists about their work. Give it a follow.⁠⠀
This painting is about the story of Persephone. “She’s the figurative representation of the force of nature. That force of nature is an eternal force; it existed before people, it will exist after people. People have the ability to perceive and put it into a figurative realm. I like things that have an eternal quality, that exist outside of humanity but are brought to the surface by humanity.”⁠⠀
This painting will be on display at his solo show opening tonight at Vacasa Headquarters in the Heartline Bldg on NW 13th and Johnson in Portland.⁠

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