Austin Eddy, Northwest Dreaming, 2020

Eddy is one of us narrative painters here in Portland and has a virtual show opening at the Ford Gallery on Saturday June 27th at 6pm PST. You can watch the live IG feed of the show opening, titled ‘This Art is Not Safe,’ through Eddy’s IG profile or through the FB event live feed. The show will feature live performances by a troupe of actors who have taken inspiration from Eddy’s works, such as this painting here.

A dreaming woman stands in front of a high way overpass, billboards, and an electrical tower. Eddy says that “It’s that big freeway interchange that runs over NW Portland and it connects the Fremont Bridge to the 405 and the Interstate 30. I was definitely interested in creating the feeling of movement coming from different directions, or the symbolism of the intersection, a place where many paths crossover, and energy is literally flowing in different directions.” He goes on to say that “the figure is becoming one with the environment; the silhouette of the figure blending into the architecture of the overpasses is reminiscent of a dream like vision.” The crows, which are common to Portland, are symbols of change – something that we are all experiencing these days.

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