Andrea Kowch, The Cape, 2012

Kowch’s works are realist, in that they contain all real things we find in the world, yet her paintings are the stuff of dreams. The Hitchcock-like scenes are set in familiar rural places, where the wind whips over the fields and through the characters’ hair, stirring up uneasiness in us the viewers. In this painting the incoming storm from the Atlantic threatens the luncheon party on the grass. Both domestic and wild animals are taking advantage of the uneaten meal. We sense the frenzy. Kowch avoids giving us an obvious narrative, but packs enough symbolism into each tableau so that we may take the reins of the story and steer it to where we want to go.
By the way, Kowch paints in acrylics – how does she do it?! Acrylics usually look so flat.

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