Alexander Klingspor, Cult of Delusion, 2016

In this scene we find ourselves in a Burlesque club; dancers perform on stage, while cooks are busily preparing food in the kitchen and wait staff bustle throughout the audience tables. Bathed in an eerie light, the scene portrays all the trappings of excess; PDA, drunkenness, expensive foods, and fine clothing. A drunken woman appears to have spilled her martini (and herself) on the floor in the foreground. From matching white gloves laid on the seat, we assume that she’s the one sitting with that Dr. Strangelove-looking character. No one appears to be watching the Burlesque show. In fact, the audience is arranged around us, so we must be what is on display! The woman in the green dress stares at us with accusatory eyes.
About his Lautrec-like burlesque scenes, Klingspor says “When you live in a large city such as New York in a world of such consumerist frenzy, everything becomes a product and I love exploring the further reaches of my mind.”

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