Tom Gammons, New World Airport, 2019⁠

This painting is up now at @brassworksgallery in Portland and Gammons was kind enough to share its story about the Denver International Airport, which has been mired in rumors and conspiracy theories even before it opened in 1995. Gammon says “Overlooking DIA in the painting is a mysterious 32 foot Blue Mustang with glowing red eyes, a sculpture by Luis Jiménez. The locals have nicknamed the horse ‘Blucifer’ and many claim it is cursed. This is backed up by the fact that Jiménez died while a piece of the sculpture fell on him during construction… There is a sealed time capsule inside DIA with a capstone over it with an inscription containing images of the Masonic square and compass, names of the Freemason Grandmasters involved in the dedication of the airport and a mention of the ‘New World Airport Commission,’ an organization that doesn’t exist. Extending from this is a braille tablet that some believe is a keypad that, when touched correctly, communicates with aliens.⁠⠀
“There are large underground tunnels and offices beneath DIA. Dr Leonard Horowitz states that these tunnels are adorned with artwork, gold leaf mosaics. Some believe it is a secret base for the Illuminati, shelters for the global elite in case of Armageddon or hidden FEMA Concentration camps. Officially, these are for luggage transport and private airline offices.⁠⠀
“…At the [Brassworks] opening I was surprised at how many people knew right away that it was Denver Airport. Several people shared their personal stories, frequently starting with a missed or delayed flight and an insidious feeling of ‘Something’s not right.’ People talking about deaths on the airport grounds, strange lights in the sky and speculation on the strange murals, architecture, and un-marked doors. It seemed like over half the people who were at the show had, or knew someone who had a strange experience at DIA. I guess the Myths of the Denver Airport reach further than Blucifer’s gaze.”⁠

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