Christopher Remmers, Annicha, 2019⁠⠀

‘Annica’ is the philosophical problem of constant change or impermanence addressed by many religions and philosophies. It’s the idea that all things (material or mental) are in a constant state of change; things come into being and then are destroyed. For Remmers Annica “speaks of letting go of the conflicting overlaps in our historical telling of our humanity via dogmatic, religious ‘truths.’ It speaks to the personal journey of surrender against conformity of rigid belief structures and finally an attempt at an evolution of these stories into a modern-day context.” In this painting, the man at center is the personification of Change who appears to be changing into human form from rock, or from human into rock that will soon break up. The rock wheel he touches represents Prince Arjuna’s chariot wheel from the Hindu text the Bhagavad Gita, which tells the story of an epic battle and is an allegory for the moral struggles of human life.⁠

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