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Hi! I’m Jen Brown (a narrative painter, a curator, and an art historian) and I write this blog on a daily basis. It started as an Instagram account, then a Facebook page, but now I’ve made it official with a website. I organize a group of narrative painters in Portland, OR and I curate exhibitions under the Narrative Painting name. You can reach me at jenbrown@brownjen.com

Portland Narrative Painters

Jen Brown – http://www.brownjen.com/   https://www.instagram.com/jenbrownartist/

Greg Hergert – https://gregoryhergert.com/  https://www.instagram.com/gregoryhergert/

Chris Pothier –  https://www.christopherpothier.com/  https://www.instagram.com/pothier_artist/

Elliot Wall –  https://www.elliottwall.com/  https://www.instagram.com/elliott.wall.iii/

Josh Langstaff –  http://www.joshualangstaff.com/   https://www.instagram.com/joshua.langstaff/

Aron Johnston –  https://aronmichaeljohnston.com/   https://www.instagram.com/aron_johnston/

Austin Eddy –  https://www.austineddy.com/   https://www.instagram.com/austinoeddy/

Jessie Lawson –  https://www.instagram.com/jessie.lawson.art/

Maria Mangus – https://www.instagram.com/maria_mangus/

Scott Conary – https://www.scottconary.com/   https://www.instagram.com/conaryart/

Seth Tane –  https://www.sethtane.com/   https://www.instagram.com/sethtanepdx/

Hilarie Couture –  https://hcouturearts.com/  https://www.instagram.com/hcouturearts1/

Caitlynn Abdow – https://www.caitlynnabdow.com/   https://www.instagram.com/caitlynnabdow/